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Welcome to All Jigsaw Puzzles! Find Your Next Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge
Welcome to All Jigsaw Puzzles! Find Your Next Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

US Map Puzzle Coasters - Personalized on any US Address


This Personalised map jigsaw puzzle is handcrafted. Please allow 3-5 days for your puzzle to be made and shipped.

4 jigsaw coasters that fit together to show a map centered on your home.

Printed with state-of-the-art mapping technology, these personalized coasters can be put together to form a larger, single placemat. Each sturdy coaster is printed and then coated to make the surface scratch and heat resistant, as well as easy to wipe clean. Finished with a high quality non slip fabric and protecting wooden furniture from spills or heat damage, the coasters also show a superb wealth of local knowledge. These decorative coasters make an entertaining and conversation starter, as people search for landmarks and recognize their own homes. Jigsaw fans will love them, but so will anyone who takes pride in their local area and neighborhood. The coasters fit together to form a map centered on any given US address.

Using the most up to date US Geological Survey (USGS) mapping, seamlessly stitched together, the coasters show a wealth of detail including selected street names, contouring and landscape features. The center address is carefully offset so that the special place is not on the jigsaw join.

Each individual coaster measures 4" x 4". Fully assembled as 8” x 8”.

All carefully packed in a presentation box.

Scale – 1:26,000