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Game of Thrones 3x500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Collector's Box Set Vol. 2



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This Game of Thrones Collector's Box Set Vol. 2 is ideal for every fan of the popular books and television series and a great addition to their collection.

Contained inside this deluxe Game of Thrones collector's box are three House' themed jigsaw puzzles. The first puzzle in this collection features the former King of the seven kingdoms Robert Baratheon whilst he still held onto the Iron Throne, his throne-thirsty brother Stanis and younger brother Renly around their house sigil, the Stag. Also featured in the montage is Stanis only daughter Shireen, the Lord of Light's follower Melisandre, young King Joffrey and his younger brother Tomlin.

The second puzzle in the box focusses depicts Queen Daenerys Targaryen and her loyal followers who stand beside her bid to eventually claim back what she feels is rightfully hers. Included in this 500-piece puzzle are photographs of Daenerys and her largest dragon, Drogon, her former husband, the great Khal Drogo, her brother Visery and loyal protectors Barristan Selmy, Grey Worm and the traitor that is Lord Jorah.

The third and final jigsaw puzzle in this fantastic collection lets you piece together freefolk from beyond the wall Mance Raider and his band of loyal Widlings Lord of Bones, Tormund Giantsbane, Ygritte, Orell, Styr and a pair of giants, Mag the Mighty and Dongo.

To make this Game of Thrones Collector's Box Set even more special, each of the three 500 piece jigsaw puzzles are packaged in their own individual presentation boxes within the main box making this a luxury gift for any Game of Thrones fans and puzzlers.

All three jigsaw puzzles measure 49 x 35 cm (approximately) when complete and have been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure that each jigsaw piece maintains its original shape time and time again.

Size: 49 x 35 cm (19.2 x 13.7 inches)
Number of Pieces: 3 x 500

Brand: Jumbo
EAN: 8710126193181
Product Code: J19318

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