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Falcon De Luxe Victory by Air 3 x 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle



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The Falcon de luxe Victory by Air' is a celebratory triple box set of three 500 piece jigsaw puzzles that commemorate valour our nations fighter pilots go through and have gone through for Great Britain. The three photographed 500 piece jigsaw puzzles each show memorable fight planes from past and present.

The puzzle titled Celebrations at Buckingham Palace' shows the famous Red Arrows flying across the ground of Buckingham Palace with the red, white and blue smoke trailing behind them as the crowd below admire this fantastic scene. The photographed puzzle image has been taken from an aerial view above the Red Arrows so that you can enjoy piecing together a stronger photograph.

The second 500 piece puzzle in the collection features a modern day Typhoon aircraft flying side by side with the famous Spitfire, high above the British countryside. Although the image looks as if these planes are far too close for comfort you can be safe in the knowledge that pilots knew what they were doing to create this stunning photograph.

And finally, the third and final puzzle 500 piece puzzle in the collection again capture two aircraft in one photograph, but this time it features a Spitfire and a Hurricane aeroplane soaring above the countryside and proudly wearing their camouflaged colours.

Dimensions: 49 x 35cm (19 x 13 inches)

Number of Pieces: 3 x 500

Brand: Falcon de Luxe
EAN: 8710126110591
Product Code: 11059

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