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Division Jigsaw Puzzle

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A fun way to teach your child mathematics, this Division jigsaw puzzle is a table with all of the basic division problems and answers to help your child get ahead in school. This puzzle comes with a tray that can be used to complete the puzzle and store any loose pieces. This puzzle is a great way to raise the next maths quiz and it's also plenty of fun for the entire family to assemble this puzzle. When you're finished, you may want to tear it apart and start all over again, or have it framed for display in your child's room so they can use it daily to practice. This is the obvious choice for a couple with small children - and if you have some yourself, they are sure to love it as well. Order it today so your kids can get started on the fun of learning as soon as possible.

Dimensions: 36.5 x 28.5 cm

Number of Pieces: 81

Brand: Larsen
EAN: 7023850240092
Product Code: AR9

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